The best brands of portable oxygen concentrators in the country

The best brands of portable oxygen concentrators in the country

An oxygen concentrator is an essential part of someone’s life if they are suffering from breathing problems, lung-related diseases, or other major respiratory ailments. A portable oxygen concentrator is of great benefit to patients who need a continuous supply of oxygen from an outside source. Some of the best portable oxygen concentrators are available online and in other retail stores. Some of the top brands from which you can buy the best portable oxygen concentrators are listed below.

Inogen is a brand that provides one of the best continuous portable oxygen concentrators available in the market. The two top models include the Inogen One G3 and G2. These portable oxygen concentrators can be taken anywhere with the patient. These two models of Inogen concentrators come with two various sizes of batteries that are compatible with both of the machines.

Respironics is among the leading brands when it comes to portable oxygen concentrator systems. The portable model of this brand the SimplyGo. This model comes with powerful batteries, making it one of the best portable oxygen concentrators available today. The oxygen settings in the SimplyGo have both pulse dose and continuous flow with a range from 0.5 to 2 LPM. They come with increment settings of 0.5 and pulse dose settings from 12 to 72 ml/min.

Invacare is a brand that makes efficient portable oxygen concentrators. This brand has two models portable Invacare Solo, the XPO2, that has pulse dose oxygen delivery of up to 900 ml/min and is light in weight. As they weigh around 7 pounds, it is very easy to carry them anywhere which makes them the best of the travel oxygen concentrators.

AirSep is another company which makes best of the portable oxygen concentrators. They are proud producers of the smallest portable oxygen concentrators. As size is an important factor when it has to be carried around, this is the best when it comes to portable oxygen units. The brand has two models, i.e., the Freestyle and Focus, that weigh around 6 lbs. The batteries in these two models of portable oxygen concentrators support lightweight battery packs that weigh around 1 lbs and have a longer life.

The best of the brands in portable oxygen concentrators are available at stores in your area and online. The prices of the portable oxygen concentrators are reasonable and affordable. Each model has certain features that make them special. Some models come with two batteries, which is beneficial who travel long distance. Some models come with a battery life of 5 hours, which is beneficial for people who can only carry lightweight portable oxygen units. Almost all the portable oxygen units are wearable, which makes them easy and comfortable to carry anywhere and travel without worrying about breathing issues.

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