Introduction and primary causes of tennis elbow

Introduction and primary causes of tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is a condition that is often caused by the excessive use of the forearm in either of your arms. The medical name for this condition is lateral epicondylitis, it got its popular name as it was mostly prevalent among tennis and badminton players. A short introduction of the causes of tennis elbow would usually have racquet sports on the top of the list. Although there are some other activities that can cause the tennis elbow. Now that we have a slight introduction, let’s look at the causes of the tennis elbow in detail:

  • Playing tennis: This sport is primarily the number one cause of the tennis elbow. The muscle that stabilizes your wrist while your elbow is in a straight position is known as the ECRB muscle. A grand stroke in tennis requires you to hold this position so that you can get the shot correct. Excessive use of the forearm to hit the forearm shot in tennis can cause for the ECRB to weaken. This leads to microscopic tears in the tendon that attaches your muscle to the lateral epicondyle. The tears in the muscle cause inflammation and pain along the forearm and the elbow causing lateral epicondylitis. Tennis forces your elbows to bend and straighten a lot, this causes your ECRB to rub against the bony bumps.
  • Work-related causes: Even after being excessively prominent, tennis is not the only cause for a tennis elbow. Other activities that require a rigorous and constant movement of the forearm could also cause this condition, as mentioned in the introduction of the cause of tennis elbow. Painters, plumbers, and carpenters are next in line after tennis players to get severe injuries. In some cases, auto workers, butchers, and cooks also suffer from the tennis elbow due to the heavy lifting involved in the activity.
  • Incorrect form or techniques: One of the major causes of injuries to the body is incorrect form or technique while performing an activity or lifting weights. The same goes with the tennis elbow, an incorrect form while playing tennis or other racquet sports could be a cause for the condition. It is thereby necessary for you to take lessons from a coach or a tutor while playing a new sport, it will help you learn the sport better.
  • Age: Age is also a common factor that introduces you to tennis elbow. Most people who suffer from the same are between the age of 30 to 50, and this shows that age could be a factor that can influence the occurrence of a tennis elbow.
  • Improper equipment: The condition of the equipment used at work should also be good and, more importantly, you should be using the right equipment. For tennis, you must buy a racquet that is ideal for your skills, body posture as well as your weight. The weight and the string tension of the racquet are important factors in determining if it is ideal for you or not.

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