Different types of active adult communities in the country

Different types of active adult communities in the country

People often wish to remain active post their retirement life in the country. This is where the role of active adult communities comes in. These active adult communities are inclusive of single-family homes, townhomes, multifamily housing and cluster homes. Following are the different types of adult communities that you can live in:

Age-restricted communities
These active adult communities are aimed at people who are 55 years or more. The rules set by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development indicate that housing includes a person who is aged 55 or more in over 80 percent of the units that have been occupied. Anyone who is less than 19 years of age cannot be a permanent resident in the age-restricted communities. Overall, the residents in such active adult communities can lead an independent active lifestyle in a country club ambiance where amenities like clubhouse, golf course, hobby centers, computer labs and walking trails are available. However, these communities do not offer increased care or any health-related services. The outdoor maintenance in such communities is included in condominium fee.

Age-targeted communities
These communities are similar to age-restricted communities except for their marketing strategies which only target adults who are 55 years or more in age. In such cases, therefore, these cannot be considered age-restricted communities.

Leisure communities
These active adult communities are another option for retirees in the country. A good factor about leisure communities is that there is no age restriction of any kind in such communities. People who prefer to choose leisure communities often get amenities like clubhouses, community pools, and golf courses. Often these amenities are available in resort-like settings and retirees can lead a peaceful life in such communities. In communities like these, people often get two to three bedroom homes. Leisure communities in the country are suitable for people who are alone as their children might have moved out for career purposes or any other reason.

Benefits of active adult communities
Life in adult communities is best for people who wish to live peacefully during their retired years and want to make most of their retired life. Some of the key benefits of joining any active adult community are as under:

  • Such homes are designed by keeping ease and comfort in mind.
  • Strong sense of community develops when a person becomes a member of such communities.
  • Resort like amenities are available in such communities.
  • A range of health and wellness activities are offered in such communities.
  • These adult communities offer access to facilities like theatres and hospitals with relative ease, as retired people need more access to such facilities.
  • In general, these adult communities have no age restriction.

These adult communities are spread throughout the country and anyone with a desire of leading a peaceful retired life can choose to be a part of active adult communities.

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