6 Common symptoms of early onset of dementia

6 Common symptoms of early onset of dementia

Dementia is a common degenerative condition that is often responsible for the gradual deterioration of the brain cells and causes several cognitive and behavioral alterations. Early onset of dementia is a pre-senile condition that occurs in several younger individuals who are below the age of 65. Those affected by the condition are known to experience subtle symptoms of dementia that may include impairment in communication, thinking, and memory. The early onset of dementia is a common condition that has begun to affect several young individuals all around the world. It is, therefore, vital that you identify the symptoms at an early stage to manage the condition effectively.

While the proper diagnosis of the condition is extremely essential, it is also vital not to deduce any other condition to be dementia. For a person to have the early onset dementia, the patient needs to display at least two types of impairments that strongly meddle with their everyday life. Some of the common symptoms that occur in the early onset of dementia have been listed below.

Mild short-term memory loss
While most of us often show signs of forgetfulness, people suffering from dementia are known to face significant trouble with memory. These changes, however, are usually subtle and have to do with short-term memory loss. These memory alterations include difficulty in remembering the smallest tasks done on a daily basis.

Trouble finding the right words
Another common early-onset dementia symptom includes trouble in articulation. The patient is often found struggling to put forth their thoughts. The real difficulty is finding the right words to express their thoughts. Communicating with a person with early onset of dementia often takes longer, and the conversation is usually incomprehensible.

Mood changes
Those struggling with an early onset of dementia tend to have frequent and significant mood changes. A common symptom of the condition is depression. Another significant change in people who display an early onset of dementia is a sudden shift in personality. It is often seen that a person may suddenly turn into an extrovert from being a complete introvert.

This is another early symptom of the onset of dementia where a person becomes listless and confused. This confusion generally arises when there is a lapse in thinking, judgment, or memory. This confusion generally involves difficulty remembering faces, interacting with people, and even communicating.

Struggle to accomplish routine tasks
People with early signs of dementia usually experience trouble completing complex as well as routine tasks. While the problem initially begins with carrying out complicated tasks like balancing a checkbook or playing games loaded with a whole set of rules, it further worsens when the patient is unable to carry out routine and basic tasks.

Being repetitive
As discussed earlier, early onset of dementia includes several functional, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms. One of the most common behavioral trait includes repetition. The person with the condition may repeat daily tasks several times a day or repeat the same story over and over again. Some of the commonly repeated tasks include shaving, brushing, obsessively collecting items, and many more.










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