Are your kids getting enough vitamins
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Are your kids getting enough vitamins

When it comes to choosing the best vitamins for kids, most moms are confused. With so much information out there, it can be really overwhelming to select the right vitamin for your child. Firstly, you need to understand if your child really needs the vitamins?

Most pediatricians do not recommend vitamins for kids who have a healthy growth and eat a variety of food. However, kids who are picky eaters and who do not eat a variety of food are often recommended multivitamins. Such kids may not get the required nutrients and, thus, have a problem in maintaining a healthy growth.

Which vitamins are important for kids?
Few vitamins are vital for growth for kids’ growth; therefore, they must be included in their diet. The following vitamins are highly essential when it comes to children.

  • Vitamin A
    This promotes growth and development and is also responsible for healthy eyes, skin and immune responses. Vitamin A also helps in bone and tissues repair.
  • Vitamins B2, B3, B6, and B12
    These vitamins ensure healthy circulatory and nervous systems. They improve metabolism and help produce energy. Other important functions such as healthy muscles, bone and tooth formation and healthy connective tissues take place due to vitamin Bs.
  • Calcium
    It helps build stronger bones as the kid grows.
  • Iron
    It helps to build muscles and also helps in the formation of red blood cells. Deficiency of iron can lead to several health issues especially among developing kids.

Try and avoid giving megavitamins to your kids. Megavitamins are nothing but vitamins in larger doses. Also, fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamins A, D, E, and K can be toxic to your child if given in large quantities.

When buying the right multivitamins for kids, do look for whether they are with iron or without iron. Also, do look for ingredients such as artificial flavors and colors, Sorbitol, aspartame, carrageenan, and sucralose. These ingredients may be harmful to your child. So, which is the best vitamin for kids? Here’s a list of few multivitamins that you can consider buying for your kids.

Best multivitamins with iron for kids

  • Nature’s Plus
  • Zarbee’s Naturals
  • Children’s Best Complete Multivitamin
  • Rainbow Light
  • Seeking Health
  • The Honest Company
  • Thorne Research

Best multivitamins without iron for kids

  • Garden of Life Gummy Vitamin
  • SmartyPants Kids Complete Fiber Multivitamin
  • Zarbees Toddler Multivitamin
  • OLLY Kids Super Foods Multivitamin
  • Mega Foods Kids Daily Multivitamin Booster (available in powder form)
  • MegaFood
  • Garden of Life (organic foods)

Talk to your pediatrician about your child’s growth and consider his or her recommendation before buying the best vitamins for kids. A thorough research will also go a long way in helping your child get the best.

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